Singapore has emerged as a model country for many around the world after becoming independent in 1965.  Among the various things that the country can boast of, one is the food of the country. Its food history is rich and is influenced by the varied populations having Indian, Chinese, and Malay roots. If you are looking for good eateries in Singapore, café, restaurants, and hawker centres are easy to find.

The 3 Singapore restaurants that you should definitely not miss visiting when in the country are:


This fine dining restaurant on the second floor of Grand Hyatt hotel is known for its consistency in quality and astounding variety. They give great attention even to the most minute of details and make every guest feel welcome by their super customer service. Whether it’s the choice of entrees, starters, desserts or portion size, taste, presentation, everything is top notch. You feel totally pampered once you are here.

Lau Pa Sat

If you want to enjoy the local cuisine in a famous street food tradition, come to this place – Lau Pa Sat. It is located right in the heart of Singapore at a walking distance from Marina Bay. You will get a variety of options here ranging from Korean, Tai and Vietnamese dishes to amazing Indian and Chinese cuisines. Besides having a wide selection of cuisines like humble burger, chicken and etc, the food here is very affordable too.

Bakalaki Greek Taverna

If you are looking for a moderately priced restaurant, then Bakalaki Greek Taverna will be an ideal choice. The location of the place is vibrant and the the restaurant boasts of lovely summertime Mediterranean feel. They have an extensive menu and serve food that is fresh and full of flavour. They follow the rule that anyone who comes to the restaurant for food has to try their dessert, which they give as complimentary.

The three restaurants listed above cater to totally different requirements. While one caters to fine dining, Lau Pa Sat is for local cuisine and Bakalaki Greek Taverna transforms you to Greece. The fact is that they all are unique in their own sense and hence a must -try.