When boredom strikes, many things pop up in your mind to ease the sensation. You might want to consider baking as your pastime hobby. It does not only ease your boredom but it also gives you a chance to prepare your own healthy foods. Baking for beginners can be intimidating, especially if you didn’t grow up with it. However, experimenting with cookies from scratch can also be so fun. For beginners, it can help to start with easy things to bake at home.

Tips When Baking

There is always a first time for everything. That means it’s not too late for you to learn those tasty and fulfilling baking recipes at home. For most baking menus, all it takes is some flour and flavorings. Nevertheless, note that baking is a precise process that you should follow thoroughly. Too much baking powder or too little flour can throw off your recipe. You need to consider the altitude and some other oven variations.  Every time you feel like turning the oven on, get your recipes out and start baking. There are simpler menus that you can choose and some with healthy ingredients. If you want to bake but you’re on a diet, here are the recipes that you can follow. 

Healthy Low-Calorie Recipes

If you’re craving for sweets or chocolate but you’re on a diet, it’s better to bake from your own recipe to make sure the calorie content of your food isn’t too much. You can experiment with many dessert recipes if you’re gluten-free, vegan or on a low carbs diet. Here are some easy baking recipes for your healthy diet that you can do with your baking skills. 

  • Low-Carbs Banana Cake. This low-carb banana cake is the best if you’re caring for sweets with lower calorie content. It’s tastier and perfect for feeding a crowd. You can use a low-carb sweetener for this recipe or just skip the erythritol. You can also add some almond flour to the crust instead of graham crackers. To make it more attractive, sprinkle some nuts to add up some healthy fats as well. You can also use spelt flour as a substitute for the whole-wheat flour; this is less in calorie. For the sweetened flavor, switch to pecan butter instead of processed sugar.
  • The Blueberry Scones. If you want to bake a perfect snack, the blueberry scones can be the best for it. Most ingredients are in your kitchen already and are easy to find. For this recipe, you will need a coconut and almond flour. This would make the dessert heartier. It’s also important to only use fresh blueberries to add a hint of sweetness. These ingredients would give you a well-rounded low-carb dessert at home.
  • Chocolate Cookies. Yes, you can still have a chocolate cookie while on your diet. You only need to bake them with less flour and make use of cocoa powder. Use arrowroot powder instead of your usual cornstarch. This would give you that healthy velvety taste. You can also add some chocolate chips for a more chocolatey taste.

Baking is a journey that you could always do at home. Pick up a mixing bowl and try these easiest baking recipes.