There is an ample evidence that frozen food is as good as the fresh produce. Fresh is great, and healthy eaters have been paying heed to consuming it. And the old ideas of frozen produce have brainwashed the minds of many that we refer to their notions as myths. We have listed some of the myths and debunked them with facts to enlighten you all. Read on.

  1. Frozen isn’t as nutritious as fresh.

That is so not true. As a matter of fact, this myth had been debunked for quite a while. Researchers have found that the frozen produce offers the same important nutrients and health benefits as fresh produce. It is also claimed that wild blueberries have topped the chart of tested foods which has made them the numero uno antioxidant food—fresh or frozen, it makes no difference. If you are looking for frozen blueberries supplier, get in touch with Frozen blueberries Private label now.

  1. Frozen means a glob of ice.

IQF refers to the integrity of the fragile foods such as berries is totally preserved. For instance, the wild blueberry, no matter how small it is, it holds its shape and texture via the quick freezing method. As the ‘I’ in the IQF stands for Individual, the frozen berries tend to maintain their identities. They do not glob together like the balls of ice. They tend to maintain their quality for more than two years as well. So, if you still believe that frozen foods refer to chopping through the tundra, you might want to consider that myth again.

  1. I cook, and frozen is harder to use.

This is also a classy myth. Performance is always first class for IQF fruit. For instance, blueberries have superior performance when it is used in recipes, and they tend to retain their structures even better when they are frozen. They can be used in most of the recipes that require blueberries. Also, frozen is always a better choice when it comes to concocting frosty and delicious smoothies.

  1. Big frozen packages just aren’t convenient.

Nope, not true. Single servings are convenient to extract from the freezer for using it in the meals, recipes or for snacking. Stand up bottoms with the re-sealable zip pouches are readily available for some premium products. Additionally, frozen is always available whenever you require it. Whenever you require a cup, a scoop, or just a sprinkle.