Which is your favorite dish – Shaahi Paneer or Butter Chicken?

No matter which one you pick, you need to have soft and tasty Indian breads like kulcha, naan, or rumali roti to enjoy your curry to the fullest.

Though curries, steamed or sautéed vegetables and daal are the main part of the Indian diet, the breads are always there to make your meal complete. It is often found that people pay attention to learn how to cook all sort of curries and vegetables, but they tend to neglect the importance of the bread.

Can you gulp down the lip-smacking Dal Makhani with a burnt or hard naan?

Not at all!

So, this article is dedicated to the varied and tasty Indian bread.

Read on and learn the basics to bake soft and spongy Indian breads and make your meal complete and more delicious.

Types of Indian breads

Like the Indian culture, Indian food varies across different regions of the subcontinent. While North India relishes the sumptuous butter naan, some in South India complete their meal with akki roti

There are some major varieties of Indian breads without which no meal is complete.

  • Chapati
  • Naan
  • Rumali roti
  • Poori
  • Parantha
  • Bhature
  • Akki Roti
  • Puran poli
  • Kulcha
  • Luchi

All these are major varieties of breads consumed all over India. Depending upon the region, the preparation method, taste, texture and ingredients, change. But one thing that doesn’t change is the need of a well-kneaded dough. It is the secret behind all sort of soft and spongy breads.

How to make perfect Indian bread?

While making a perfect Indian bread, the dough preparation is one of the most crucial aspects. If the dough has not prepared properly then you will have to chew hard bread.  An atta kneader is a good solution to this problem.

The process of making Indian bread starts with choosing the right ingredients. Decide what you want and pick the ingredients. For instance, to make naan, you will require maida, salt, a pinch of sugar, dry yeast, some oil, and water.  The ingredients vary as per the personal taste as well. You can add a vegetable to the dough to make a paneer or allo naan.

Once all the ingredients are ready, start pouring the ingredients into a big bowl with precise measurements. Measurements are crucial to get a soft and spongy Indian bread. For making 8-10 Naans, a ¼ spoon of dry yeast is enough. Any extra quantity will make the dough runny.

Use an atta kneader for the perfect dough

Now the last and foremost part is kneading. Kneading the dough with the right amount of water and pressure is tough job even for seasoned home cooks. A robust atta kneader is your knight in shining armor. It will help you to knead the perfect dough to make the best breads for your family to eat.  No need to dirty your hands, spend energy in kneading with the right pressure to get a soft dough. Just add your ingredients to the bowl, and let the electric kneader do the work for you. You can use a variety of flours to create naans, pooris and chappatis of your choice. The detachable components are easy to clean, too!

So, why waste time thinking about buying an atta kneader? Go online and buy onenow to serve soft and fluffy breads to your family.