Montreal is a city that hubs many popular steakhouses. But when it comes to choosing one, things start getting cloudy. There are a lot of factors that determine the quality and flavor of steaks, and the quality of a steakhouse is one of those factors. Whilst all upscale steakhouses do not offer an equally delightful dining experience, the Restaurant Rib N Reef is the one to look up to for savoring flavorsome steaks. Some of the best recipes and features of this restaurant that makes it worthy are given below.

1) Offers Variety

The restaurant offers different lunch and dinner menu. Whilst main course meals vary, steaks are still the central and the major highlight of this steakhouse restaurant.

2) Uses USDA Graded Meat Only

Remember, only USDA approved food is edible and meat is no different. Since the restaurant uses USDA approved meat cuts to make steaks, the quality is unmatched.

3) Offers Authentic Cuts

Different sections have to be butchered perfectly in order to safeguard the texture, juice, and tenderness of every piece. And the meat slices in this restaurant are cut by professional chefs only.

4) It Has Cigar Rooms

This restaurant features separate cigar rooms so that all customers can have a pleasant dining experience. Besides, the restaurant also serves wine, desserts, and seafood

5) It Offers All Kinds Of Steaks

There are 4 kinds of steak cuts and this restaurant provides all 4. The details are given below.

  • Filet Mignon Steak Cut – Coming from sirloin and short loin, this is a lean and fatty steak cut that is boneless. Besides, a perfect filet cut is small and thick; hence, requires more than normal heating to be cooked
  • New York Strip Steak Cut – Also popular by the name Kansas City Strip, this one is cut from the short loin muscles behind the ribs. Mainly served boneless, the meat cut has a grained texture and most of the fat is limited to one edge of the strip. Thus, it’s juicy but not very tender
  • T-bone Steak Cut – T-bone or porterhouse steak cut comes from a cross section of the short loin muscles. Meat on one side of the bone is juicy and buttery like the tenderloin steak and the meat on the other side is less tender like the New York Steak
  • Ribeye Steak Cut – This steak cut has a finer texture in the middle and the outer surface is very fatty. It can be served bone-in and boneless both. The texture of the steak remains juicy and extremely flavorful when grilled or broiled